Wolverine Booster, Inc.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship Application

Due in Guidance office April 8th, 2022.

Scholarship - Winners (6) - The ones getting scholarships are: Emily Bird, Joshua Cheever, Emily Nicholls, Aubrie Torhorst, Cole Weinkauf, Elinor Werner

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• Student must be son/daughter of a current Booster Club member of two (2) years or more.

Note: A statement may be submitted to the committee if the above criteria is not met and you would like

consideration for this scholarship.

• Student must have been a student at Waterford High for at least four (4) semesters.

• Student must enter college within one year of high school graduation and enter as a college freshman at an accredited university or technical college/vocational school

• Student must have participated in a minimum of three (3) sports seasons, at least one (1) their senior year.

• Student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5, be an athlete in good standing and have zero athletic code violations during his/her high school career. Note: A statement may be submitted to the committee if the above criteria is not met and you would like consideration for this scholarship.

• Athletes must submit 2 letters of recommendation

• Athletes must submit a personal essay of 1-2 paragraphs responding to given prompt

• The emphasis for this scholarship will be on a student who demonstrates a strong work ethic, a positive attitude at all times, a respect for authority and a dedication to doing his/her part in being the best team player.

Scholarship Application 2019


DUE DATE: Submitted to the Guidance Office by April 18th, 2019

*No late applications will be accepted.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Completed application, 2 letters of recommendation & personal essay

SELECTION COMMITTEE: Athletic/Activities Director, 1 Booster Club board Member, 3 general

Booster Club members. (Booster Club members on the committee may

not have a child applying for the scholarship.)

PAYMENT OF SCHOLARSHIP: The scholarship money will be paid to the recipient when he/she shows

proof of enrollment for the second semester. If a recipient does not attend an accredited school within thirteen (13) months of high school graduation, the scholarship money will be forfeited and offered to an alternate.

Historical Scholarship Winners

2018 Wolverine Booster, Inc. Scholarship Winners

The Wolverine Booster Inc. awarded these two seniors from the 2018 graduating class with $500 scholarships. Applicants must have participated in three sport seasons, and at least one their senior year. They must uphold the school athletic code of conduct and have a 2.5 cumulative GPA for seven semesters. In addition, they must be pursuing continuing education at a college, university, junior college or technical school. Congratulations to these scholarship winners!

Maddy Anderson

Olivia Piccione