Coaches Wish List

The Waterford Union High School Coaches' come to the designated Wolverine Booster board meeting, usually in spring. They present there items they feel they are in need of and can not fit into their athletic budgets. Then the Wolverine Booster's work with the school to approve this items that the coaches are looking for. The purpose of the Wolverine Booster's is to provide volunteer and financial support to all inter-school athletic program. Through each item we approve we hope to positively grow our student athletic experiences here at Waterford Union High School.


2014 All Items were granted from the Coaches' Wish List $9,500 dollars


Crossover program for scouting and player evaluation - $2400.00


Two hitting mats and two ondeck circles - $1308.00


NormaTec Recovery System to prevent common leg injuries - $1350.00


24 Poms sets - $1000.00


Practice balls and net for indoor and outdoor use - $340.00


Bench Coats - $1001.00


Racquet Stringer - $1000.00


Free Lap for recording times during practice - $788.00


Camera for recording games and practice - $400.00


Soccer Bench Coats Present Unified Team While Keeping Players Dry and Warm

Left to Right: Austin Mealy, Jenna Lindell, Andi Wenck, Lexi Ketterhagen.

Soccer Bench Coats Present Unified Team While Keeping Players Warm

The help that the Waterford High School Soccer program received from the Wolverine Booster Club, with their purchase of 22 cold weather bench coats has been very beneficial. The second half of the boy's season and the first half of the girl's season often are very challenging weather wise. The coats help keep the players warm during some bitter cold games, and dry if it rains. They also keep our players ready to play with less likelihood of injuries due to tightness when coming off the bench or from becoming chilled when coming off the field. Thanks to the Wolverine Booster Club, when our soccer teams take the field during those times of cold and inclement weather, they look professional and unified as a team... you can see their pride as a team.

Rob Blascoe
Boys & Girls Head Soccer Coach


Football Players Benefit from Newest, Safest Helmets

Left to Right: Coach Adam Bakken, Thomas Benko, Clayton Mamerow, Austin Wenck,

Alex Gallo, Kevin Weiss and Jori Weiss, head of the Waterford Football Moms program.

Football Players Benefit from Newest, Safest Helmets

With concussions at the forefront of sports injuries, especially football, the Waterford Football Moms wanted to do what they could to promote the safety of our children. Football is a dangerous sport no doubt, but helmet technology has advanced so quickly in response to the concussion issue that they set a goal to get every child in the program in the newest, safest technology available. They knew budget constraints in any school district can make it difficult to replace a lot of equipment at one time, so with the help of community businesses and many individuals, the Waterford Football Moms were able to place the latest technology helmets on every player in the Waterford Football program, raising a total of $19,300. "When you combine that with the excellent coaching these young men receive, we think they are as safe as they can be on the playing field," says Jori Weiss, who served as the head of the Waterford Football Moms fundraising efforts.


New Gymnastic Leotards Create Team Spirit

Left to Right: Cassie Wolfert, Alexis Walkowski, Isabel Saber, Ambria Knoll, Sam Dziak,

Cassie Barwick, Lauren Dziak.

New Gymnastic Leotards Create Team Spirit

With support of the Wolverine Booster Club, the Girls Gymnastic Team performed in new leotard uniforms this year. In previous years, only nine uniforms could be sponsored. This year, 15 new leotards were bought, which was enough for all the girls. "The girls really enjoyed being able to wear the same leotards and have them all match! It truly made them feel like a team," says Coach Carrie Buelow.